[Technology] Why Free Software


Free Software Foundation: What is free software?

Companies that don't give a fuck about you:

At least Amazon saves me money and gets things to my door in two days. (Their effects on the American economy, on the other hand, are negative, but I'll still take advantage of them, hypocrite that I am.)

It is your responsibility to take care of yourself because the alternative is that you become the property of somebody else. In the digital realm, this is even more important.

Our lives are more dependant on computers by the day. The general computer is the great blessing and the great curse of our era. You have more power and information at your fingertips than any human in history. On the other hand, the power of people hundreds of miles away to spy on you, control the flow of information, and determine the course of your life is greater than ever before. It's a good thing I live in a decent country: authoritarian countries like China are putting this technology to use in truly dystopian ways.