[Technology] My Tech Stack



Model Hostname CPU GPU RAM
Ideapad Y500 shakuras Intel i7-3630QM (8) @ 3.4 GHz 2x NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 16GB
Thinkpad x130e zerus AMD E-300 APU (2) @ 1.3 GHz AMD ATI Radeon HD 6300 2GB
Samsung Chromebook char Cortex-A15 Exynos 5 (2) @ 1.7 GHz ARM Mali-T604 (Quad) 2GB

Software Choices


Void Linux (rolling release, without systemd) for x86_64 systems.

Arch Linux ARM for ARM systems, like my Samsung Chromebook. I would like to replace this with Void at some point, but I need to learn more about ARM systems in order to feel comfortable with this.


Tiling window manager, either i3 or dwm (I experiment with both and like them equally). I tend to prefer dwm on the Y500 because it has a 1080p display and the tiling method is preferable (with a main window on the left and vertically stacked smaller windows on the right). i3 only has horizontal or vertical tiles, which are sufficient on 1366x768 screens.

Web Browser

Firefox and qutebrowser. Firefox is a standard libre browser that has gotten much faster since the Quantum update, while qutebrowser is keyboard-optimized. Typically qutebrowser goes with my i3 workflow.

Text Editor

Emacs! Always Emacs. I do use evil-mode for Vim keybindings, in accordance with the old joke: "Emacs is a great operating system. It's just missing a good text editor." Emacs is one of the best pieces of software ever written.


A proper UNIX-style command line interface is the superior environment for most tasks. I will write more on this later. I consider urxvt & tmux & zsh to be the Holy Trinity. I use neovim for quick configuration of system files.