New Year: 2019


2018 was an interesting year for me. I made a lot of progress on technical infrastructure and in my job, kept up with old friends, and worked on independent life skills (like most hacker-types, I’m just functional enough to survive on my own). Yet I find myself dissatisfied, so at the turn of the new year I’ve decided to change some things.

  1. Eating healthier is mandatory. No more bullshit food: if I want to eat pastries that I don’t need, I should at least learn to make them myself.
  2. Get a reliable sleep schedule. My work doesn’t require that I wake up until 1-2 PM, so I’ve gotten pretty bad about going to bed at a reasonable hour. Humans are adapted to a certain cycle, and there are psychological effects from breaking this.
  3. I will update this site at least twice a week. There are plenty of books and games in my review backlog (since I’ve been ignoring the site for the last three months).

Happy New Years, everyone.